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Chitwan safari is an exciting tour all age group specially for natural lover. Chitwan is located about 200 km road way and 30 minute of airway western side from Kathmandu. You will have experience to see live wild animal in the safari. Chitwan is famous for Elephant safari with dense Terai wild forest. Numbers of elephant brought in breading center for special care of elephant. You can experience number of huge elephant in the area. It is quiet terrfying going there, cause they are huge. Breathing center is specially build for treatment of disablled or lost elephants. For elephant safari you need to go for Sauraha, where you will chance to get elephant ride. Riding elephant also quit dangerous but quiet interesting. You can get jeep or by foot for safari with local guides and rangers.

You will find wild animals in Nepalese currency/letter stamps  as well. So most of wild animal of Nepal is higly protected and strict in law. It is quit warmer landscape in Chitwan than other hilly region, so you may need to go safari in winter season.

There are number of big river in Chitwan, such as Narayani, Budi Gandaki etc. Narayani river where you will encounter wild crocodiles as well. So nearby river is also a place to see wild animals. You can have day time of safari after getting here. So if you planning to get such lifetime experience in Nepal. Let us help you arrange all the tour necessities.

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