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Laxmi Adhikari
Executive Director

Nepal’s roughly rectangular shape lies along the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain range. Located between India to  the east, west and south and china to the north it has managed to remain an independent country throughout its history. its territory, which has an area of 56,827square miles (147,181square kilometers),extends roughly 500 miles from east to west and 90 to 150 miles from north to south.

The country is divided into 5 development regions and 75 administrative districts. It is further divided into smaller units called village development committees and municipalities. The sixty one ethnic groups make up this population and live peacefully and harmoniously throughout the land of Nepal.

Nepal is a beautiful country overflowing with all kinds of natural adventures and cultural events. Nepal is also  the  home to two of the worlds largest religious , Hinduism and Buddhism. Its exotic reputation comes from its incomparable blend of high mountains and rich culture. rolling hills, broad valleys, lush jungles and the majestic Himalayas are the basic ornaments for our tourism industries. Nepal’s national  parks and conservation parks offer the traveler chances to experience unique natural experiences first hand. they are also working toward protecting endangered animals, birds and reptiles. Nepal holds the honor of housing the largest of them all, Mt. Everest.

this has given Nepal the title” the rooftop of the world”.

The experienced management of “SAS Nepal(Travel and Tour) Pvt Ltd. is ready to provide you with all types of travel management and assistance during your stay in Nepal. According to your personal budget and interests,we can arrange the most ideal and beneficial tours of Nepal.we ask you to consult us when you begin to plan your  travels to Nepal and are positive we can make your travels most emorable, the mystical wonders of Nepal are  awaiting your arrival.
Shyam Adhikari
SAS Nepal (Travel and Tour) Pvt Ltd.